gearing up

One of these days

I will either stop weighing myself every day, or I will stop feeling the need to include the daily number in my posts. But 2 weeks in to this, weighing myself every morning is still the first thought on my mind.

Followed by, What time is it? Do I have time to go for a walk? In reality, my schedule is pretty flexible, so there's always time for a walk. Yet I keep asking myself. Probably because that way I can answer -- No!

It sort of surprises me that I'm still saying no. In the past, in my weightloss self-improvement efforts, exercise has come first -- then I start trying to control the food. This time is different. But while I'm still saying no, I can feel myself getting ready.

For instance, yesterday I got home a little earlier than usual (no school buses on the roads) so instead of parking the car, I hit the odometer and clocked some distances. We're out in the 'burbs, so there aren't sidewalks everywhere, which is kind of a bummer. But I clocked the route that has the most sidewalks and figured out the half mile, mile, mile-and-a-half, and two mile points. I also clocked the distance between the house and the nearest grocery store -- 1.5 miles. Which would make a nice, productive, 3-mile round trip. Except that it has the least sidewalks of all. Still, I've seen people walking that way.

One of these days . . .