gearing up

Mind Games

Okay, the Scalegod is just messin' with my head. I got on this morning and it said 197.4. In fact, it's been going downward all weekend. I just know it's a setup. By Friday I'll be hovering over 200 again. Sigh.

Still, the weekend wasn't so bad, food wise. Unless you count being HUNGRY. Turns out Scott's folks only eat one meal a day. They don't eat breakfast, and they don't eat lunch, they just eat a big meal about 3:30--4:00ish. So my skipping lunch strategy on Friday turned out to just be a preview of the weekend.

And I did end up going a little over on Friday. I went home and put it all in -- approximately. Since they don't have Chevys in their database, I substituted stuff that looked comparable to what I had. Which was chips with salsa -- of course! But I did hold back, forced myself to eat slow and savor, instead of just mow through with Scott like I used to do. :-) Anyway, chips and salsa and half of the rice and refried beans (I mix them together) and half of a beef chimichanga and a crispy beef taco. Oh, and the sweet corn cake stuff. Yeah. So I was over for the day by about 400. Amazing just how many calories you can suck down in one meal. And I kind of thought, well, if I can hold it to just a few hundred calories over on Saturday and Sunday, I won't feel toooo bad.

Hah. Although I DID eat breakfast -- a quick bowl of cereal w/skim milk both days -- in spite of them, I was scrambling to get food in the rest of the time and I ended up about 400 calories under on Saturday and 300 under yesterday. Plus, we walked around doing the tourist thang so I burned some calories, to boot. (Not as many as I would have burned walking the canal with Bea, but more than I would have, sitting on the couch. So there you go.)

I really am pretty sure the Scalegod is messing with me and I shouldn't pay ANY ATTENTION AT ALL to what he's telling me right now.

But it's feeling pretty good. :-) In fact, I'm thinking I'll buy a new pair of sneaks to leave at the office, so I can get some walking in on lunch hours. If it's ever NOT raining . . . which it isn't, today . . .