gearing up

Hate it!

Just to be clear -- I HATE that I weigh 200.6. I HATE that I'm back in the 200s again.

But so far today, the eating is going okay. My legs are still sore from yesterday, so I didn't even think about getting up and going for a walk this morning, so no exercise. But the weather is supposed to be good (i.e., not raining) tomorrow so maybe.

Maybe the 200s will be gone again by tomorrow morning.

Along the canal

I didn't post yesterday, but not because I fell off my program. :-) For the last 3 weeks my friend Bea and I have gone walking along the canal on Sundays.

Actually, we started doing it in January -- a New Year's resolution -- and we went every Sunday in January, which was great. We even went a couple of times in February, until the heavy snow storms hit, and that slowed us down considerably. And then Scott and I bought a house and we moved in March, which meant painting and trauma of all sorts, LOL. And one thing led to another and I got fatter and lazier and we didn't pick back up with it until May. But we only went a couple of times in May. Now we're trying to work up our resolve to go every Sunday.

Last week was a trial, we were both trying to talk each other out of having to go -- see, usually, it's only one of us that's trying to get out of going, and no, not always the same one, LOL -- but eventually we talked each other into going.

Anyway, yesterday we did ~7 miles in 3 hours. Not exactly breaking the landspeed record, but hey, when I entered it into the exercise form on, it said I'd burned 786 calories. I was impressed!

I was also confused. Because then deducted my exercise calories from my 1500 food calories and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to add calories to the day so that my net calories equaled 1500? I mean, what's the point of burning exercise calories if you just eat them back up?

I've never been good with math.

And at the end of the day, I'd eaten 1649 calories for the day. Which left me with 863 net calories for yesterday.

If life were fair, I should have gotten on the scale this morning and have lost more. But no. Sunday morning the scale said 199.2. This morning it said 200.6.

Friday is my offical weigh day, but I've been weighing every morning, just to prove to myself that it can fluctuate wildly, no matter how well I control my eating. In theory, driving that point home to myself should keep me from freaking out about it.