domenica 8 dicembre 2013

Browse without annoying toolbars and add-ons

Sometimes, installing new software, we are rushing through
the installation process and clicking on all “OK” buttons without reading fine
print. And later we note with surprise that our home page has changed, new
toolbars installed, and for some reason the speed of the browser loading and
general operations substantially declined.

You can definitely go to the Settings page and start
recovering from the unwanted changes step by step. But if you do not feel
comfortable with such operations, you may get assistance from Auslogics Browser
Care freeware.

Auslogics Browser Care lets you sort through all add-ons and
toolbars installed in your web browsers, remove unsafe or simply unneeded ones
and choose useful items you want to keep.

With Browser Care you can view and manage all your installed
browsers in one place. This includes the list of all plugins for each browser
along with their status and safety rating, as well as the webpage and search
engine that are set as default. If your home page has been hijacked, this tool
lets you change it to the page you'd like to start your browsing sessions with.
If you've never used the search window in your browser because it is linked to
a search engine you don't like, Browser Care lets you set your favorite search
engine as default in all your browsers for faster and more convenient searches.
Never find the time to clear browser cache? This tool lets you easily sweep out
temporary internet files from all your installed browsers.

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Browsers currently supported: Internet Explorer, Mozilla
Firefox, Google Chrome.


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