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NavFree Offline GPS Navigation for iPhone and Android

Offline Maps vs. Online Maps

Nearly all mobile
devices are constantly connected to the Internet. 3G, Wifi, LTE and 4G have
become standards for smartphones. This is great for many applications such as
email and web browsing, and is pretty acceptable for navigation as well. But
purely online map can be a problem in a certain cases, actually in all cases,
where the data is not available. There are particular Google Maps tricks on how
to work with online cached maps offline, but they are not reliable, and you
still need data once a while at least. 

Also, online map
applications requiring a constant data connection to download map data, may
quickly generate large phone bills when you are roaming in another country. Navfree
apps is different, it stores all the map data on-board the phone or tablet itself,
meaning you don’t need to use your Internet connection to navigate saving you
money when you are traveling.

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You can download
safety camera warnings for almost all countries the maps are supplied for.
Warnings are displayed on the navigation screen and an audio alert is given
when you are approaching a camera. Having them on-board makes driving safer for

Main Features

Among additional
positive features of the free navigation utility are:

·        Visual
route prompts - have been designed to be clear and readable even on smaller
phone screens.

·        Next
Turn Instructions - The ‘Next Turn Diagram’ is clearly displayed for you, with
the distance to the turn helping you easily navigate. Street names are
accompanied with route numbers where possible.

·        Route
numbers - are pronounced together with the turning instruction to match
signposting on the road

·        Route
Guidance - When driving through complicated junctions sometime turn diagrams
are not enough. The route guidance is designed to display the turning sequence
directly on crystal clear maps, and even auto-zoom on the junction as you approach
to make it easier for you to see the correct route. You will also hear audio
prompts while approaching a turning, thus giving you time to take the right

·        Intelligent
Night mode - Driving in the evening is not easy with strong glare from
navigation systems, this is why we have introduced intelligent night mode,
which will automatically switch the maps into low-glare night mode, depending
on sunset for your area and switch back to day mode in the morning.

·        Voice
guidance - is one of the most important features of any GPS navigation system.
It will not annoy you with endless chatter, but gives you short, clear
instructions for the upcoming turn. If you are listening to the music, the app
will gently fade out music while playing instructions and fade it in
afterwards. Music controls are easily accessible from map view, so you don‘t
need to interrupt navigation to switch between songs or start/pause music. If
your car is equipped with a Bluetooth phone adapter navigation instructions
will be played via car speakers.

·        Online
Search - Google and Bing online search is another great feature that removes
limitation of static POIs stored on your device. Search results can be shown on
map, you can calculate route and drive to them or store in favorites to visit later.

·        POI
Database - If you don‘t want to use data connection at all, you can use
integrated POI search.

·        Multiple
platforms – Application is available for Android and iOS devices.

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